Our latest customers

PERFECT-IT has customers in many different industries, some of the more recent ones are:

Pontconsult. (Lathum, The Netherlands)

PontconsultPontconsult offers a variety of different management and training services to industrial companies. We were able to assist them by writing English content for their new website.

IHT AUTOMATION (Baden Baden, Germany)

IHT AutomationA leading manufacturer of Cutting Torch height control systems, IHT have used our services on many occasions for help with their press releases and other exhibition material.

Engrenages HPC (Lyon, France)

hpc HPC manufactures and distributes mechanical components via mail order and the internet. We have worked extensively with them on their website, CAD portal and their 6 volume printed catalogue.

Our latest clients

Pontconsult IHT Automation Engrenages HPC