Services offered

Our primary service is to take written text that has already been translated from the original language into English and to correct any faults that may exist. Because we charge for our time and not the number of words checked, the fewer faults we find, the less you will pay. Normally we work from files that you supply to us and will correct the errors and send the files back to you. In the case of websites, we prefer to work on files that you or the person responsible for the maintenance of your site can then re-upload to your server. If you prefer and we have the necessary software, we can also work directly on copies of the HTML/PHP etc files. We will never work directly on the files from a live site.

If we work from printed material, we will agree with you beforehand a method of working that allows you to easily incorporate any changes we suggest into your documents.

We are also able to help people prepare for teleconferences or presentations that have to be given in English, both with the creation of the material and by helping you rehearse. Contact us for details.

Our latest clients

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